Sunday, August 9, 2009

Boots and lace.

Presenting... Kaitlin! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

We did this shoot in winter actually! It must have been 20 degrees or something stupid like that. Poor girl was shivering the whole time! She was an amazing trooper. And what is really amazing is she does not show that discomfort in any of these pictures. A natural model! Kaitlin is another one of my muses. She just has this fantastic natural notion of how to move her body. Her posing always feels very natural and not "pose-y" at all. Her body is always so relaxed, which helps avoid the chance of looking uncomfortable.
At first I was thinking that all the elements of the costume were going to be too much, but I think in the end they all pulled together to create something really visually interesting.
My dad was just storing this trunk in his office and I thought that it would be a great tool to play around with. Now we are using it as a coffee table in my new apartment :)
Haven't edited all of the images I have from this shoot either.

Had an amazing time shooting this set, even though it was freezing! At least I got to wear a jacket =p

To see the rest of this set check out my flickr account.



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