Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mo Mo Fo Sho.

This is Monica! I have shot with her on numerous occasions and it is always an amazing experience! She is most certainly one of my muses. She has such an incredible natural beauty. And on top of being a stunning woman she is an amazing person! She is so much fun to shoot with because she loves joking around, and lord knows that girl makes me laugh. It always feels more like hanging out than work. And even with that laid back vibe she still helps me to produce some really beautiful images :)
Her eyes always blow me away! There is just such an intensity behind them.
All these pictures came from a single shoot. The first part of the shoot took place by the dam. There is this big concrete/metal tower that encloses this little rock and dirt area. We took a bunch of shots in there and some from that area looking out across the river. Really interesting little spot with some graffiti and broken glass and all that awesome stuff. heh.
The second part of the shoot we took in a nearby grassy area underneath the bridge that passed over the dam/river. I just loved how tall the grass was. The contrast between the stretch of the bridge and the blades really intrigued me. A very common parallel between nature and man but with an added sense of the linear and size contrast.
I got this awesome print fabric from a garage sale for a buck. I love the comparison between the "nature" pattern on the fabric to the pattern of actual nature.
Did some desaturating in this image to make her look more like the rocks and concrete surrounding her while still emphasizing the flower in her hair.
I tried with a few of these to make it look as if she was actually fusing herself with the nature surrounding her. Using the cloth to make a connection between her own body and the giant tree limb that she was sitting on. Human growth from nature.
There is actually a third part to the shoot that we did, but I haven't really gotten around to editing it yet. Shame on me!

I loved the amount of experimentation we did with this shoot, really playing with all the possibilities. Monica did a great job of interacting with the environment and that was exactly what I was looking for. :)

To see the whole set of these images, visit my flickr!



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