Sunday, August 9, 2009

In the flood lights.

I did this shoot with my good friends Andrea and Kelly near the beginning of the school year, last year. We had been friends for awhile and they had seen some of my work and wanted to model for me for awhile. We went out and got some costumes and then snuck into the art and design building and used some of their flood lights that they use for still lives and models for the life drawing classes.
Both these ladies are super gorgeous.

This shoot was kind of difficult because the only kind of light I had access to was that really harsh direct flood light. I tried situating the light in different ways but it was all pretty unavoidable. There were a lot of images that I thought worked out in a compositional sense but the contrast wasn't there at all, or was too much. Was a real bummer when I looked back on the shots later.
So most of the shots I did like were very high contrast. I am obsessed with black and white so it is hard for me to stand low contrast images. bleh! They just don't transfer right into black and white.
A somewhat frustrating but very fun shoot :)

To check out the rest of this set see it on my flickr!



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