Sunday, August 9, 2009

Movies: Behind the scenes.

At the beginning of the year I found out about KU Film Works and was really interested. I started going to meetings regularly but near the end of the semester it became harder and harder to set aside the time to go. I felt bad, but still wanted to help out in any way that I could. Second semester they had a pitching session and then picked one script they really wanted to work on. "Chekov's Gun" was the victor. An awesome, awesome script about a man who gets a heart donated to him and begins to have the same emotions as the donor [who killed himself]. He finds himself repeating the other mans lifestyle. I would put it in the drama genre. Excellent script. Excellent crew. I didn't have enough experience to help out with any of the actual crews so I agreed to take some behind the scenes shots.
This is a shot of Lisa making notes in the script, I think about lighting and/or the set decor. There were so many people at this shoot, and all of them seemed to be working their butts off. But these guys also play hard. Plenty of joking around, laughing and smiling. Something I love to see!
I haven't actually edited any of these images except for the first one. I wasn't sure which ones were meant to be promotional shots, or just for fun, so I didn't really bother. This is a shot of one the actresses rehearsing a scene before they actually shot. We were in a shed that they had sealed off so they could control the lighting themselves. Video cameras are much better at picking up low lighting situations then SLR's are, or at least you just have to try harder with a camera, haha. So some of these shots look a little subdued as far as color goes because of that, but I kind of like the effect it gave to the images.
Jon blocking off the shed from the daylight.
The main character becomes obsessed with watch making after getting his new heart. They had a really awesome watch making table set up in the shed. Took this so they could maybe use it as a promotional shot or something. I use it as a background on my lap top, heh.
Alex taking a good ole' fashion grandpa style smoking break.
More rehearsal! This shot was taken post fake blood all over the actor. Matt actually made this really amazing fake blood that looked fantastic! And also... tasted fantastic!! hahah. it was super delicious, I could eat spoonfuls of it! It had chocolate, and peanut butter for thickness... and... just tasty tasty things!

It was really fun getting to hang out with the crew and eventually I will burn a copy of all the images for them so they can marvel at what fantastic work they do.

If you would like to see more shots, check out my flickr!



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